It's way too hot for a Bacon Cheddar McChicken

a self-playing climate apocalypse adventure

In this auto-piloted game the Earth is a post-apocalyptic, flaming wasteland. Amidst the cataclysmic heat, a steaming McMenu doesn't look so appealing anymore. The last thing the Hero would want right now is to eat a warm, soggy burger. Still, he would hate to waste it. So his journey begins, walking the dry surface of the Earth, offering a Bacon Cheddar McChicken to every soul who crosses their path. Surf the Heatwave in this absurd, post-apocalyptic, pixelated world.

Created for: Life After the Warm Up , exhibition in The GreySpace in the Middle , The Hague 2019
Unity 3D , AutodeskMaya

Voices by Berk Ozdemir