Bachelor thesis : Questionable playgrounds

Uncertainty-driven interactions as a generative technology

Uncertainty is our ally against misleading beliefs and dangerous dogmas. Our minds and culture, however, seem to treat it as an enemy.
To release uncertainty from the stigma of its intimidating nature, we will explore its generative potential, reframing it as a resourceful condition rather than a threatening one.
In the field of game design, uncertainty is used as a material to craft unique experiences.
What is uncertainty’s generative value in games and how can we allow players to access it?

Bachelor thesis
Interactive Media Design Bachelor @ KABK, Den Haag
InDesign , Illustrator

The thesis design comes with a set of cards: a selection of 160 procedurally generated questions. Each is generated through a short piece of code I wrote, inspired by Markov chains.
Readers may use and misuse these questions as much as they like.