Graduation project :: Interactive poetry

volumnia2.0_ thePoetryEngine

Volumnia 2.0 is a collection of interactive poems set in the near future.
A girl grows up with an AI companion and, as she starts to see the bot as a role model, she develops transhumanist ideals, dreaming that she may one day re-programme herself to be as "flawless" as her artificial friend.
In her adulthood, she will try to bridge the gap between her human self and her machine-like ambitions through poetry.

A story about creation, and how our creations end up re-inventing and re-creating us back. About the tension present in the space that separates us from our ideals, the same uncertain space in which we continuously search for our human core.

Graduation project
Interactive Media Design Bachelor @ KABK, Den Haag
Made with Unity3D